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America 250 | CT Planning Guide
The Commission has released a planning guide to offer ideas for interpreting themes and some stories to use to begin brainstorming.

America 250 | CT Resource Database
This database begins to aggregate digital resources from across Connecticut that are related to the commission’s work for a one-stop location to find information and link back to the original item.
Additional recommendations can be submitted via this form. Reach out to Khalil Quotap if you are interested in adding multiple resources.

Educational Resources

Connecticut Council for the Social Studies
The Connecticut Council for the Social Studies will be hosting conferences for students and teachers focused on the themes of the 250th.

Connecticut History Day
Teachers and students are encouraged to participate in CT History Day through the Connecticut Democracy Center and develop projects related to the 250th and the themes for this commemoration. is a state public history resource that provides engaging, well-researched stories about Connecticut history that link to reliable primary and interpretive resources.

CT Humanities Network
The CTH Network serves as a new communication hub for the exchange of ideas and insights among fellow professionals in the humanities fields within Connecticut. It houses a chat group for ideas related to the 250th.

Kid Governor
Connecticut’s Kid Governor® empowers 5th graders to change the world. This ground-breaking approach to civics education immerses students in a real election for their state’s Kid Governor, a fellow 5th grader who will represent them during a one-year term of active leadership. The program teaches important lessons about state government, voting, elections, and civic participation.

Summer Reading List
The Museum of the American Revolution has put together a Summer Reading List for 2023 young readers, covering books appropriate for ages 7-14.  

TeachIt provides inquiry-based activities that reinforce the principles found in the state social studies frameworks to help Connecticut’s teachers bring Connecticut history into the classroom. Additional lessons will also be created.

Online Resources

Connecticut Archives Online (CAO)
Connecticut’s Archives Online was undertaken by the Western Connecticut State University Archives in 2008 and is a project that facilitates searching archival holdings in our state.

Connecticut Collections (CTCo)
CTCo is a resource for teachers and students, researchers, other organizations looking to learn more about their own collections, and history and art lovers. It brings together resources from museums and archives throughout the state in one place.

Connecticut Digital Archive (CTDA)
The CTDA is part of the Digital Preservation Repository Program at the University of Connecticut. It is dedicated to the maintenance, delivery, and preservation of a wide range of digital resources for educational and cultural institutions and State Agencies in Connecticut.

Connecticut Explored Magazine
Connecticut Explored is the nonprofit magazine of Connecticut history. Anyone with an interest in the untold stories of Connecticut’s past can satisfy their curiosity with each issue of Connecticut Explored. The magazine offers a variety and range of stories that connect our past to our present and future.

Connecticut Genealogy Index
The Connecticut Genealogy Index is a free searchable database that provides a basic index to modern records filed with the Connecticut Department of Health using Freedom of Information Act and Open Data requests.

Connecticut Humanities (CTH) Network
The CTH Network serves as a new communication hub for the exchange of ideas and insights among fellow professionals in the humanities fields within Connecticut. Within this space is a group for discussing all things related to the 250th in Connecticut.

AASLH Field Guide

It’s not too soon to be thinking about organizing Semiquincentennial programs at your organization. The American Association for State and Local History has published Making History at 250: The Field Guide for the Semiquincentennial, a resource with guiding themes and inspiring ideas to help you prepare for 2026.

Graphic of the field guide for the semiquincentennial named Making History at 250.

You can find the guide and other support materials on the AASLH website.

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